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Table Top Public School – Why Trampolines are Great for Kids’ Health

30 Oct 2018

There are plenty of distractions for your kids - particularly with technology and TV providing ample opportunity for them to sit down and veg out. And while there’s nothing wrong with some quiet downtime now and then, it’s also important as your children are growing to make sure that they are getting enough exercise for their health. It’s hard sometimes to strike the right balance between fun and work, but with a trampoline, you don’t need to worry.
A trampoline provides the perfect way for kids to get exercise in a way that is fun and exciting for hours. It’s also a great activity for kids to do together and encourages sharing and imagination. But did you know that bouncing on a trampoline is potentially great for your kids’ bone health, mental health, and physical development?
Better than running on a treadmill
A study done by NASA in 1980 was trying to find the most effective way to reduce bone density and muscle loss in astronauts returning to earth from a zero-gravity environment in space. The gravitational adaptation needed by the astronauts was tough on their bodies, so NASA tried to find the most effective way to prime the astronauts for their gruelling space journey.
The outcome of this was that NASA found that bouncing on a trampoline was not only a way to improve bone density, but that trampolining was as effective (if not more effective) than running on a treadmill for the same amount of time. Trampolines are an effective and efficient method of exercising that’s fun and playful to boot.
Great for your joints
Running around is just part of being a kid, but it’s also one of the toughest activities for their knees. While we are not suggesting that you stop kids from running around, consider investing in a trampoline for their joint health. With less pressure on your joints, you can also
exercise for a lot longer. Some physiotherapists even use trampolines as a way to help with knee injury rehab.
Strengthen their muscles
If you’re worried about your kids not having enough muscle strength, get them out on the trampoline. Bouncing on a trampoline is a great way to build muscles gently but efficiently. The G-force being administered while you bounce means that your muscles must work harder to rebound in the air again. A 15 to 20-minute session on the trampoline is a great and efficient way to build muscle.
Improve mood and energy levels
Doing exercise just for the sake of exercise can get old fast. But when you’re bouncing on a trampoline, the time just flies by! Numerous studies have shown that bouncing on a trampoline can work wonders to elevate your mood and to enhance your energy levels.
Safe bouncing on your trampoline
As a parent of the 80s or 90s, you probably remember the rectangular trampolines where the springs were a finger death trap, and the surface was a hotbed of static electricity. While there’s little that can be done about those static shocks, thankfully there are now safer options available on the market. Companies like Vuly make springless and safe-spring trampoline models for safe bouncing. Make sure you always supervise young kids while they play and get out there with your kids to double the fun.